Contemplation - wierook


Opening a box of Contemplation incense sticks is like opening a compact with its typical hint of violet scent. The touch of sandalwood and cypress tree brings a perfect balance to the incense sticks. They are an invitation to contemplation bringing an awakening of the senses in a calm and comforting interior. They will combine beautifully with other practices such as yoga or meditation.


What is so special about Thelma Paris ?

Thelma Paris incense sticks are made in Japan following ancestral techniques and expertise. The sticks are smokeless , made from high quality aromatic ingredients which give them their delicate scent. The wood resins and oils are all collected with the greatest care and respect for the environment.

How to use the incense sticks (directions of use)  

For an optimal use make sure to use the stick on its holder. Light it , discarding the flame if necessary and then simply enjoy the perfumed moment which lies ahead : the scent will smoothly waft accross the room.

Do not inhale directly, simply step back and enjoy the fragrance.

The virtues of Thelma Paris incense

The subtle and elegant fragrance of Japanese incense sticks are strong.

  • They will awaken your senses
  • Purify the atmosphere
  • Create a place of your own

Each box offers 20 hours of combustion: 48 sticks lasting approximately 25 minutes each.


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